God Hates Geeks: A Criminal Return

So, God Hates Geeks. My home away from home.

For those who don’t know, I’m a co-founder of the Ringside Apostles and The Fistful of Comics over in the unholy church that Moody (Travis, not Hank) built, lo those many (okay, a few) years ago. I stopped doing comic reviews a couple of years back, but I still return every year to drop a little verbiage on the big Criminal one-shots or anniversary editions from Bru, Phillips, and Breitweiser.

Enough babble. Click the link and check out this week’s Saturday Stash for my thoughts on the special anniversary edition. While you’re there, look around, check out the other awesome content on geekdom’sĀ fallen angel lair.

GodHatesGeeks Criminal 1oth Anniversary Edition.

April 25, 2016